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DC12V Reverse Power Supply 1000Mbps G.hn Anti-interference and Ligtning Protection Coaxial Network Adapter for Video Monitoring and Network Extending

WD-C1000M-MD/SD Model: WD-C1000M (Master) Model: WD-C1000M(Slave) Brief introduction This low frequency coaxial line network bridge which can transfer bidirectional data through coaxial cable was developed based on the Coaxial cable broadband access technology, one of the high-speed Quasi...

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Model: WD-C1000M (Master)

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Model: WD-C1000M(Slave)


Brief introduction

This low frequency coaxial line network bridge which can transfer bidirectional data through coaxial cable was developed based on the Coaxial cable broadband access technology, one of the high-speed Quasi gigabit network products which were developed under the latest G.hn international standard issued by ITU-T. Transfer the Ethernet signals through coaxial cable of cable TV, could upgrade the original coaxial cable network into a carrier-class broadband access network which can be operated and managed.

Coaxial cable bridge modulates the standard Ethernet signals output from ONU into the RF signals which could be transferred in coaxial cable, and the adoption of OFDM technology makes it can transfer the data stably in a complicated networking environment.

Local side product provides a join-in bandwidth at the rate of 900Mbps, using 7.5-100MHz low-frequency channel, effectively avoid the conflict between the existing CATV system frequency occupation and  the product, reduce the interruption of each other. Support CATA network of tree and star structure, it has the features of long distance transmission, good network adaption and high bandwidth etc..

The product has the function of reverse power supply which can solve the problem of outdoor access device power supply.( Indoor Slave supply power to Master as well as Master supply power to other devices with DC12V.)




WD-C1000M-MD    WD-C1000M-SD


1*10/100/1000 Base-T self-adapting standard Ethernet interface

2* F Cable interface

1*POWER (DC) interface

LED display light

Power light

PLC light

ETH light


Bandwidth limitation、QOS integrated



Radio frequency interface

2 metric F heads

RF output impedance



Working in pairs

Transfer ferquency band



Network protocols: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3x,IEEE 802.3u Auto MDI (X),IEEE IP1901

Downlink and Uplink protocol:CSMA/CA, TDMA


128-DES data decryption and key management technology

Transfer rate


Transfer distance


Operating system

Windows 98/ME/NT/2003/7、Windows XP Home/Pro、Mac OSX 、Linux

Operating voltage range

DC12V output 1000mA                DC12V  3A < 3W

Operating environment

Working temperature: 0℃-70℃

storage temperature:-30℃-80℃



Transfer distance/rate (SYWV(Y)-75-5 cable)

Cable length< 300m 700Mbps

Cable length< 600m 500Mbps

Cable length< 1000m 150Mbps

Cable length< 2000m 50Mbps




1.Not need to lay the new user cable, transfer data through the existing coaxial cable directly.

2.Use 2-100MHz low-frequency channel, can be co-exist with applications of analogue television, DVB digital TV, IPQAM etc.

3.Modulate with OFDM, multi-carrier technology and self-adaption information channel, guarantee the stability of data transmission under the noisy environment.

4.Support remote configuration terminals, including rate-limiting, QoS,802.1q Vlan support.

5.Support 4th priority of dispatching based on 802.1p、DSCP、TOS. IGMP multicast.

6.SLAVE supply power to MASTER reversely.

7.Master supply power to other devices with DC12V.

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