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Kunshan Wondertek Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 03, 2017

The communication adapter is also known as the Network Interface Board (NET adapter) or network interface card NIC (net Interface cards) But now more people are willing to use the simpler name "Nic". Mainly used to connect to shared resources, is a prerequisite for computer systems.

Physical connection

Inserting a network interface board in the host box (or inserting a PCMCIA card in a notebook computer) can connect the local computer to the external network.

Network adapters are network components that work on the data link layer. It is the interface of connecting computer and transmitting medium in LAN, not only can the physical connection and electrical signal match between the transmission medium of LAN, but also involves the transmitting and receiving of frames, the encapsulation and unpacking of frames, the media access control, the encoding and decoding of data and the function of data caching.

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