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PLC intelligent monitoring solution

Kunshan Wondertek Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2017

PLC IP Camera

The PLC broadband monitoring system transplants the current network video monitoring system onto the core technology of our company---PLC broadband telecommunication platform which makes use of the existing low voltage power lines in the ground and buildings to transmit the video signals, it has removed the  trouble of wiring in many complicated environments and reduced the difficulty of construction, saving wires, sub-material and construction cost, protecting the environment and decoration of the building. It is a great weapon to erect the no wiring broadband video monitoring system quickly.

Operating principle

The front camera takes the image and sound, access to the video server to compress the analogue AV signals into the IP data packages(or connect with IP camera directly) which were transformed into the PLC signals after accessing to the PLC Ethernet bridge, then the PLC signals were transmitted to the monitoring center through power line, the monitoring center can restore the PLC signals to the IP data packages. The monitors can watch the video of spots, search and play the history videos via the software of monitoring center and WEB client, and it also can remote monitoring through the cameras on the spot.

Simple solution


  For the project, just as a factory needs a network surpasses 100m,the cost of using optical fiber is obviously higher than using PLC camera, that can take much more profit margin to the engineering company.

2Small spots

      No need wiring and professionals when you apply the cameras in the hotels, CVS and stores and is easy to change the position.

PLC monitoring topology


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