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The solution for network monitoring of elevator---Coaxial network bridge

Kunshan Wondertek Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2017

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With the rapid development of people’s living level and real estate industry, the installation of elevators is becoming a basic residential function in multi-story buildings. The video surveillance system in elevator is a pivotal part in elevator’s security assurance system, and it has been widely used in high-grade residential districts, important departments, well-known enterprises, business places and public facilities etc,. 
In recent stage, project contractors always install the network cameras in the elevator capsules for security monitoring, the network video signals will be transferred out via Ethernet line from cameras to NVR which can collect, display, save and retrieve the monitoring information. But in actual installation or improvement procedure, the project contractors always have a difficulty in laying the cables.

So how to solve this problem? Is there any better solution for this? Please check the following solution which be provided by KUNSHAN WONDERTEK TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD in China(IP camera +Coaxial Ethernet bridge +NVR).

Solution analysis:

The Ethernet signal can reach to the elevator machine room is the precondition. Install a coaxial Ethernet bridge WD-C200M-BNC in elevator machine room, then use the coaxial cable which go with the elevator transfer the video signal and install another coaxial Ethernet bridge which connected with the IP camera in the elevator capsule, through the solution above, it is easy to finish the system construction.

Sketch map:



The coaxial Ethernet bridge WD-C200M-BNC which connected with IP camera in the elevator capsule can upload the video monitoring signal of the IP camera to the existing coaxial video cable which goes with the elevator, and the signal would be transferred to the other WD-C200M-BNC coaxial Ethernet bridge which install in the elevator machine room to modulate it into the Ethernet signal.

Using the existing video cable and no need wiring. Whether it is the new elevator or the existing one, no need to lay the wire for the video surveillance devices separately, it has a good universality, reducing the burden for the elevator manufacturers and saving a lot of cost.

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