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The working principle of Ethernet

Kunshan Wondertek Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 03, 2017

Ethernet adopts the carrier frame to listen to multi-channel access (CSMA/CD) mechanism with collision detection. Ethernet nodes can see all the information sent in the network, so we say that Ethernet is a broadcast network.

The working process of Ethernet is as follows:

When a host in an Ethernet is transferring data, it will proceed as follows:

1, the supervisor listen on whether there is a signal in the transmission. If any, indicate that the channel is busy and continue to monitor until the channel is idle.

2, if no supervisor hears any signal, transmit data

3, when the transmission continues to monitor, such as the discovery of conflict execution avoidance algorithm, randomly waiting for a period of time, rerun step 1 (when the conflict occurs, the computer involved in conflict will be sent back to the listening channel state.)

Note: Each computer is allowed to send only one packet at a time, a congestion sequence to warn all nodes

4, if no conflict is found to be sent successfully, all computers must wait 9.6 microseconds after the most recent send before attempting to send the data again (run in 10Mbps).

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