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Topology structure

Kunshan Wondertek Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 03, 2017

Total line Style

The required cables are less, cheaper, high management costs, easy to isolate the point of failure, the use of shared access mechanism, easy to cause network congestion. The topology of bus-type is used in the early Ethernet. The use of coaxial cables as transmission medium, the connection is simple, usually in small-scale networks do not need dedicated network equipment, but because of its inherent shortcomings, has been gradually replaced by hubs and switches as the core of the star network.

Star type

Easy to manage, easy to expand, requires dedicated network equipment as the core node of the network, need more network cable, the core equipment reliability requirements. The use of dedicated network equipment (such as hubs or switches) as the core node, through twisted pairs of the LAN to connect the hosts to the core node, which forms a star structure. Although the star network requires more cable than the total line style, but wiring and connectors are cheaper than buses. In addition, the star topology can be cascaded through a very convenient way to expand the network to a large scale, so it has been widely used by most of the Ethernet.

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