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What’s a wireless PLC security camera system

Kunshan Wondertek Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2018

The use of a wireless power line communication (PLC) security camera system is one of the most effective ways of protecting one’s property from thieves or burglars. There are several advantages to using the system compared to other camera surveillance systems on the market today. But what is a PLC camera system and why should consumers or property owners choose it over others as a surveillance tool?

First, what is PLC? PLC is a type of communication technique that employs electrical wiring to simultaneously transmit or transport both data and alternating current (AC) electric power transmission or electric power distribution. PLC is also called power-line carrier, power-line digital subscriber line (PDSL), mains communication, power-line telecommunications, and power-line networking (PLN).

Types of PLC

There are four basic types of PLC based on functions:

1. Narrowband PLC in-house application is a type of PLC that is used at lower frequencies of 3 to 500 kiloHertz (kHz), lower data rates of up to 100s of kilobytes per second (kbps), but with a longer range of up to several kilometers.

2. Narrowband PLC outdoor use is employed chiefly for such applications as automatic meter reading as well as remote surveillance and control.

3. Broadband in-house mains power wiring can be utilized for the high-speed transmission of data for home networking.

4. Broadband over Power line can be used for outdoor applications, particularly for broadband internet access.

Components of a Wireless PLC Security Camera System

1. The digital camera is the device that is installed to monitor an area using the wireless PLC security camera system. The camera connects to a PLC connection in order to function effectively.

2. A Wi-Fi system is used by the digital camera to communicate with the network video recorder (NVR) or remote devices like a smartphone and transmits the images that it captures. The camera can connect to the Internet using a wireless local area network (WLAN) and a wireless access point.

3. The network video recorder (NVR) is used to record the images sent by the camera in digital format. The images can be recorded using a mass storage device like a disc drive, a universal serial bus (USB) drive and a secure digital (SD) memory card. The captured images can also be stored in the cloud, an online drop box or a server.

Features to Consider when Selecting a Camera

There are several camera features that should be considered by a buyer when purchasing a wireless PLC security camera system. Among the recommended features are:

· Field of view

A camera’s field of view determines the area that can be covered by the system. The camera’s field of view can be determined by the length of its focal lens in millimeters (mm). Most cameras have a field of view of at least 90 degrees. A 90-degree field of view means that a camera can view 45 degrees to its left and 45 degrees to its right.

· Camera resolution

A camera’s resolution determines the clearness or clarity of the images or videos that it captures. The majority of wireless security cameras in the market today can capture images in full high definition (HD) resolution. Buyers however, should take note that more bandwidth is needed for their wireless network when they use cameras with higher resolutions. More storage space in their NVRs is also needed.

· Night vision capability

It is very important for security or surveillance cameras to have night vision capability because the majority of burglary or theft cases occur at night. Buyers should make sure that the night vision range of the camera can cover the entire area of the site to be monitored.

· Motion activation capability

This camera feature is very important because it allows the security camera system to save electricity and storage space. With this feature, the camera only begins recording or is only activated when it detects motion in its area of coverage.

· Push notifications

This camera feature is vital because it allows the property owner or system controller to have real-time access to the area being monitored. With this feature, the camera will be able to notify the controller by smartphone when it detects motion.

· Remote access and control through the use of an application (app)

Owners of the system can use software such as the Anyscene app to be able to use their smartphones for viewing the system’s recordings from their phones or streaming the footages taken. Some cameras however, include a built-in app that allows video streaming in real-time. The app can also be used to set motion notifications and recording times.

Reasons for Choosing a Wireless PLC Security Camera System

There are several advantages of using a wireless PLC security camera system as a surveillance tool. Among the advantages/benefits are:

· Cluster-free installation

When installing the system, the owner can use the existing power lines in the areas to be monitored.

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