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Kunshan Wondertek Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 03, 2017

Connect and power through an electrical outlet, Plug and Play.

1, Plug and Play, easy to use

In any place where there is a power line (within the same meter range), you can access the local domain network without setting up and managing it as long as you plug it into an electrical outlet.

2, easy to build and expand the network

To provide no additional cabling solutions for environments that have not yet been arranged for a wired network or a difficult line of walking;

The wireless signal can not completely cover or have blind spots, dead corners of the environment, as a good supplement to eliminate the blind spots, optimize the application.

3. Secure data transmission and application unimpeded

Support encryption technology, can divide VLAN, safeguard network security;

Support QoS Network application priority, to meet the network game, online video, IPTV and other time-delay requirements of high application.

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