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Kunshan Wondertek Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 03, 2017

Transferring data through existing wires, extending the network without a separate cable,

Cooperate with wireless network, improve wireless effect, eliminate signal blind spots,

Better support for network games, online video, IPTV, such as the application of high delay requirements.

1, IPTV-free Cloth network application, IPTV and broadband internet hybrid applications;

2, the formation of high-speed home, enterprise local network, close to wall plug or to save the wall plug in the use of other equipment;

3, with the use of radio force cats, so that families and enterprises unlimited expansion of the WiFi network coverage, can achieve the same 1220 v meters, there is a socket where the choice of wired or wireless internet access, where the signal is not good plug that;

4, elevator security monitoring, advertising machinery and other industries network signal transmission, network cabling, three-network integration of a strong complementary package;

5, remote control of the expansion of application.

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