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Kunshan Wondertek Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 03, 2017

The main component of the Power line Ethernet adapter is the Intellon company's INT6400 and INT1400 chipsets, a standard 10/100M Ethernet physical Layer transceiver is connected to the INT6400 MII pin to implement the Ethernet interface, INT1400 drive circuit and some coupling filter circuits to implement the power line interface.

Before the system starts, software is stored in SPI Flash, and all programs are copied to SDRAM when the system boots. The digital signal of the RJ45 port passes through the network isolating transformer into the Ethernet physical layer transceiver, then transmits through the MII interface to the INT6400 into analog signal, passes through the low pass filter and the drive circuit after the lotus root coupling to the power line. The reception process is roughly the opposite. Just need to pass a LC bandpass filter, filter out the noise after the signal sent to the INT1400 digital gain amplifier, which can regulate the ADC input level, so that the effect reaches the best, finally transformed the digital signal through the MII mouth to reach the RJ45 mouth, into the Ethernet. In the whole transmission process, the MAC controller inside the INT6400 chip carries out the dispatching and receiving control of all tasks.

The entire circuit requires an external power supply module for power supply, and INT6400 internally integrates the PLL (Phase Locked Loop,PLL) circuit, the 37.5 MHz system clock is used to provide a high-frequency clock for signal processing.

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