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How Far Can I Take The Internet From A WiFi Router With An Ethernet Cable?

Kunshan Wondertek Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2018

As I recall the specifications, they allowed for 100 m between sockets, with an additional 10 m total in patch cords etc. As has been indicated, a repeater can give you another segment of 110 m.

This distance is not determined by the quality of the cable or connections, but the other way around - the quality needed is based on the distance. 

Anyway, the basic idea came down to the timing required to detect a collision. Given the propagation speed, the minimum packet size, the bandwidth (ie how long it would take a minimum size packet to be sent), this led to a particular amount of time needed to detect if a collision had occurred or not. On longer cables, the packets might be sent more quickly than the time to reach the end of the cable (I'm missing a detail there), preventing the sending station from detecting that a collision had occurred on it's transmission.

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