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Rack-Type Modems

Kunshan Wondertek Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 03, 2017

The rack-type modem is equivalent to concentrating a set of modems in a box or enclosure and powered by a unified power supply. Rack-type modems are mainly used in Internet/Intranet, telecommunications, campus network, financial institutions and other networks of the central computer room.

In addition to the four common modems above, there is an ISDN modem and a modem called a Cable modem, and an ADSL modem. Cable Modem utilizes CATV cable to transmit signal, not only has the modulation and demodulation function, also set the router, the hub, the bridging device in one, the theoretical transmission speed can reach 10Mbps above. Through the Cable modem Internet access, each user has a separate IP address, equivalent to owning a private line. Shenzhen cable TV company Tianwei Network has launched this cable-based Internet access Service, the access rate is 2Mbps-10Mbps!

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