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What Is A Powerline Adapter?

Kunshan Wondertek Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 28, 2018

Most home theater devices are not in the same room as a home network's router. That isn't much of a problem until home theater setups begin to include network media players, media streamers, smart TVs,  and other home theater devices that need access content from the internet and home PCs and media servers. As a result, it is now important to find a way to connect to your router to access the internet and stream photos, music and movies from media libraries on your home network.

Unless you want to run long ethernet cables through your house or pay to have ethernet cables installed in your walls, you need another more convenient solution to connect your network media player, smart TV and/or other network home theater devices.  That's by using powerline adapter manufactured by WonderTek.

WonderTek has different models of powerline adapters. For the best video viewing experience, choose an AV powerline adapter that can better accommodate streaming video from your media libraries or from online.For IP camera surveillance system, choose a powerline adpater with PoE injection, or Wi-Fi powerline adapter.Some powerline adapters have multiple ethernet ports to accommodate up to four net devices -- a DVR, a Smart TV, a  media player, and a game console.Some powerline adapters have power filters meant to clean up this interference.

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