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WonderTek Powerline Ethenet Bridge Application In Smart Car Parking Lot

Kunshan Wondertek Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 08, 2018

Cannot find parking space? Cannot locate your car in a large crowded parking lot?

Modern Smart Parking System can help you out of trouble. One of WonderTek customers

is dedicated to smart parking system research and development.   WonderTek powerline ethernet bridge is one of the important component in this system.

The system uses a high-precision sensor for car capturing and positioning, and a smart data center for parking space allocation, path planning and data transmission to allow vehicles to park themselves automatically. Drivers can simply get out of the car, walk off and let the car park itself. The whole process is completely automatic, without  human involvement ,except the driver pressing a button on the  smart phone APP. This system requires long distance and stable network signal transmission. WonderTek products meet the requirement just right.


Smart parking solves the parking difficulty, saves time and greatly enhances the efficiency of parking lots and the whole city. With the help of WonderTek engineers, our customer successfully transformed a couple of old parking lots into automatic ones.




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