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PLC Ethernet Adapter

  • PoE WiFi Adapter(Wireless LAN Extender With PoE Injection)
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    PoE WiFi Adapter(Wireless LAN Extender With PoE Injection)

    PoE WiFi Adapter provides excellent network performance to extend your Wi-Fi signal and wireless coverage and give the power to end-device
  • WD-1200MH(CH Standard)
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    WD-1200MH(CH Standard)

    Faster processing powerline adapter, Fast Ethernet host interfaces and an enhanced analog front end. It provides SmartLink Plus coupling to the Line-Neutral pair and the Line-Ground pair of the AC mains. It successfully reduce "dead spot", increase throughput and...
  • WD-500M-PoE(at) (AU Standard)
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    WD-500M-PoE(at) (AU Standard)

    High-Speed powerline adapter with Ethernet interface for fast data transfer over the existing household power supply. Transfer speed up to 500Mbps even make it possible to transmit video in DVD quality
Wondertek Technology, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, offers you the plc ethernet adapter. Our plc ethernet adapter is widely exported to various countries in the world. The OEM and ODM service are also available based on customized orders in our factory.
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